Dormy House Hotel, Broadway, Worcestershire

The Back Garden Restaurant

The vision was to create the many layers found in an English Country Garden. This was achieved using the latest fabrics, bold paint colours, natural stone, glass, metals, lighting and a fire.

The Back Garden design evolved using a cornucopia of interior elements which together create a new eating experience in The Dormy House Hotel.

The basis for the designs is the richly coloured Peacock Blue, Yellow, and Copper toned wall fabric. Next comes the earthy colour and textures of the banquettes and cosy sofas. These are dressed in double piped cushions representing the jewel element in a garden and its burst of colour. Finally the room is curated using carefully chosen black and white pictures, denoting all the items you might find in the back garden, Flowers, plants, table lights and candle lanterns complete the room design, but allow an ever changing basis to keep the theme fresh.

MO at the Dormy House Hotel, Broadway, Worcestshire

The vision was to design a space which would accommodate a working kitchen cooking a unique 7 course taster menu with wine for 12 guests 5 nights a week.

In history the ‘Pineapple’ symbolised “WELCOME’’ AND “HOSPITALITY’ and they were displayed in Large Manor houses in Britain as early as the 1700’s. With this in mind the interiors of Mo have been designed using a ‘signature’ pineapple themed wallpaper, pale pink and tan bespoke leather bar stools, painted wood panelling, antique mirror panels, soft voile curtains, pineapple wall sconces and a pineapple themed side table.

The domestic kitchen feel is fused with the diner experience using soft lighting to create an intimate tasting experience. The pastel colour palette using yellow, tan, pink, green, and taupe are all grounded with solid oak flooring.  This luxurious space should create many a memorable evening for hotel and visiting guests.